X-Road Europe

X-Road EU applies proven technology to provide EU cross-border data exchange in a secure, decentralized, low-cost manner

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X-Road Europe
Features Features

Freeware components

X-Road EU, as with X-Road, is developed from freeware components. We are working towards making X-Road EU base structure software available under the EUPL license.

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Data exchange on the public Internet

X-Road EU data exchange does not require a separate network or a VPN. All data exchange is conducted over the public Internet and is encrypted with SSL.

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Authentication and authorisation of parties

Secure servers authenticate parties on the basis of certificates that are located in the central server. The certificates are created by the certification centre, which guarantees that the certificate owner is who he/she claims to be.

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Testimonials Testimonials

“I was hugely impressed when I visited Estonia last year by how much of government there is online, with e-voting, e-health, e-schools, and virtually all tax returns completed online in minutes. In the UK we have embarked on a similar journey to create digital public services that are so good, people will prefer to use them.” - Francis MaudeUK and Estonia to develop digital public services together

"Gartner recommends considering the network management and logging solution of Estonia (X-Road) or a similar solution that is readily available"Preparation for Update European Interoperability Framework 2.0 - FINAL REPORT

"As companies and people move between countries, services and data should move together with them..." - Andrus AnsipPrime Minister pitches Estonia’s X-road to prime ministers of Nordics, Baltics and Britain